The Dora Canal Today…COLD!


When I left the marina this morning, it was around 6:30 and it was cold to this transplanted Yankee. It was 44 degrees and the water temperature in the Dora Canal was 62 degrees. This is how I was dressed…DONT LAUGH!


I was excited to see what this morning’s fishing would bring. FIRST FISH caught was what I call a “BAM”… in other words a big ass mudfish!


The following are pictures of what my office looked like this morning…



The first bass I caught was a baby(DINK)…


It took a short time and then I had another bass on a black ZOOM Trick Worm…


I’ve been catching most of my bass recently in the canal and using trick worms in watermelon seed and black. Black appears to be the winner on catching bigger bass. Here’s number three and the largest of the morning…



At 11 o’clock, it was time to head back toward the marina.

It seems to me that more and more bass are entering the canal… could be getting close to the spawn.




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