Hump Day Bassin’

I woke up early today and headed out to catch some bass. I was on the water fishing by 4:45AM. Yes, I know that’s early. There was a major feed time that was supposed to begin at 4:28AM. I guess the bass did not get the memo! I’m not complaining, because I did have a fun morning of fishing. No real big bass were caught today, but the numbers were there. Here are some of the bass caught this morning.

Kayak Bass Fishing

A couple weeks into August and my brand new Fishing machine arrived via common carrier! That was the day bass fishing changed for me.

I spent the next couple days rigging the kayak the way I wanted it. First to go on were the wheels that would help me launch this machine, provided by Boone Dox.

NOW, I have a trailer and fish with my kayak almost every day…unless shuffleboard tournaments are going on. If so, I will play shuffleboard. I am trying to make it into the pro ranks and it’s not easy!

Here are a few of the bass I have caught so far on the kayak.