GREAT Day to Fish…

It sure was… started out with today’s sunrise on Lake Eustis.

Big Dawg Fishing

I just love the sunrise… such a way to start the day. Fishing started off super, but catching came later.

It was a little windy this morning and the pontoon was tough to keep where I wanted it. Took abut an hour for the first bass to fall prey to the ZOOM trick worm.

Lake Eustis Bass

I decided to move over out of the wind… started catching fish right away. Here’s the number two keeper fish.

Big Dawg Fishing


This bass was caught on a KVD spinner bait. Thanks Kevin!

Number three keeper was a fun catch.. It fell prey for a black ZOOM trick worm. AND it weighed in at 5.17 ponds.

Big Dawg Fishing

I caught a total of 9 bass today. I love this fishing thing! Of course the evening would not be complete without these sunset pictures from today…

Big Dawg Fishing

Eustis Sunset

 Here are today’s weapons of choice…

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