I Made Pro Staff…

I need to tell a story…way back in the 70’s, I joined Bass Angler’s Sportsman Society (BASS)! I did so, with thoughts of going off and joining the tournament trail and become a professional bass fisherman. BUT, you know what, I fell in love with the woman of my dreams and we started a family.

I got to thinking that traveling across the country perfecting my skills of bass fishing wasn’t the best way to show my love of my family. So, I started a business and settled down to enjoy my family. I gave up all hope of ever pursuing my dream of fishing for a living. 12 years after our daughter was born, we had a son. He is now in med school and our daughter is a nurse. Our daughter gave us two beautiful grandchildren…Carson & Riley.

These guys are the GREATEST!

But anyways, life goes on, some good and some not so good!

This week I have been added as Pro Staff for two fine companies in the fishing industry! To say I am elated would be an understatement.

I am happy to announce that I am a new member of the Pro Staff of Xtreme Braid Fishing Line and also Ardent Reels. I look forward to working with these two companies and doing all that I can do to help in the promotion of their fine products! Thank you to those that have shown their confidence in me! I won’t let you down!

Since the completion of this article, I have been lucky enough to have been added to two additional Pro Staff Teams. They are Whip em Baits and Pro Line Lures. I have also been added to the Field Staff Team at  FatSack Outdoors.        I have just added a new sponsor and it is greatly appreciated! Thank you goes out to Dave from Cat Boat Tours. I am also a Team Member at Patriot-Outdoors.



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