Hump Day Bassin’

I woke up early today and headed out to catch some bass. I was on the water fishing by 4:45AM. Yes, I know that’s early. There was a major feed time that was supposed to begin at 4:28AM. I guess the bass did not get the memo! I’m not complaining, because I did have a fun morning of fishing. No real big bass were caught today, but the numbers were there. Here are some of the bass caught this morning.


Kayak Bass Fishing

A couple weeks into August and my brand new Fishing machine arrived via common carrier! That was the day bass fishing changed for me.

I spent the next couple days rigging the kayak the way I wanted it. First to go on were the wheels that would help me launch this machine, provided by Boone Dox.

NOW, I have a trailer and fish with my kayak almost every day…unless shuffleboard tournaments are going on. If so, I will play shuffleboard. I am trying to make it into the pro ranks and it’s not easy!

Here are a few of the bass I have caught so far on the kayak.

I Made Pro Staff…

I need to tell a story…way back in the 70’s, I joined Bass Angler’s Sportsman Society (BASS)! I did so, with thoughts of going off and joining the tournament trail and become a professional bass fisherman. BUT, you know what, I fell in love with the woman of my dreams and we started a family.

I got to thinking that traveling across the country perfecting my skills of bass fishing wasn’t the best way to show my love of my family. So, I started a business and settled down to enjoy my family. I gave up all hope of ever pursuing my dream of fishing for a living. 12 years after our daughter was born, we had a son. He is now in med school and our daughter is a nurse. Our daughter gave us two beautiful grandchildren…Carson & Riley.

These guys are the GREATEST!

But anyways, life goes on, some good and some not so good!

This week I have been added as Pro Staff for two fine companies in the fishing industry! To say I am elated would be an understatement.

I am happy to announce that I am a new member of the Pro Staff of Xtreme Braid Fishing Line and also Ardent Reels. I look forward to working with these two companies and doing all that I can do to help in the promotion of their fine products! Thank you to those that have shown their confidence in me! I won’t let you down!

Since the completion of this article, I have been lucky enough to have been added to two additional Pro Staff Teams. They are Whip em Baits and Pro Line Lures. I have also been added to the Field Staff Team at  FatSack Outdoors.        I have just added a new sponsor and it is greatly appreciated! Thank you goes out to Dave from Cat Boat Tours. I am also a Team Member at Patriot-Outdoors.



fatsackoutdoorshhuge fish

The Dora Canal Today…COLD!


When I left the marina this morning, it was around 6:30 and it was cold to this transplanted Yankee. It was 44 degrees and the water temperature in the Dora Canal was 62 degrees. This is how I was dressed…DONT LAUGH!


I was excited to see what this morning’s fishing would bring. FIRST FISH caught was what I call a “BAM”… in other words a big ass mudfish!


The following are pictures of what my office looked like this morning…



The first bass I caught was a baby(DINK)…


It took a short time and then I had another bass on a black ZOOM Trick Worm…


I’ve been catching most of my bass recently in the canal and using trick worms in watermelon seed and black. Black appears to be the winner on catching bigger bass. Here’s number three and the largest of the morning…



At 11 o’clock, it was time to head back toward the marina.

It seems to me that more and more bass are entering the canal… could be getting close to the spawn.




Topwater Strikes…

TOPWATER STRIKES are one of the most exciting ways to catch a bass or any other species of fish that will strike a top water bait.

While fishing the Harris Chain of Lakes, I need to do more top water fishing for bass. I have caught a few on my favorite Hula Popper, but so far, I have had no luck at all with Frog fishing. I am going to have to give more attention to this style of fishing this fall.

I have been over to Haynes Creek many times and have had no luck with my frogs. I have had them blasted out of the water by a well-intentioned bass… but no catches.

If someone on the Chain wants to give me some tips… it would be greatly appreciated . You can reach me at: .

Meanwhile, CLICK HERE for a great video of top water strikes!

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